Amazing Features

We've been working really hard to improve the Moon Wallet with these amazing new features that you asked for! Check out the appino’s new amazing features.


Create your own token

You can create your own token in just 10 seconds. Simply enter the name, symbol, total supply, icon and press create..


Private & Secure

Keep your crypto safe from hackers & scammers. Only you can access your wallet. We don’t collect any personal data.


Smart assistant

Review and revoke your token approvals for any dApp.
And many more security features

About Moon Wallet

Your money is in your hand.

We created Moon Wallet with the main goal of being a smart assistant that will alert and provide solutions every time we perceive you may be at risk.
Once you have approved a token, we have a review and revoke feature so you can revoke it at any time.
Based on a blacklist of more than 20,000 addresses of hackers, scammers, we will send you alerts every time you receive money from them, or hold tokens in projects related to them.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any query? Here you go! Don't hesitate to ask any Question! We are happy to help with your questions.

Does Moon wallet collect personal data?
We do not collect any personal data, only you can access your wallet?
Is my wallet safe from hacks or viruses?
All secret key information is stored in the keychain, which is stored and encrypted by your phone's operating system. So other apps can't steal the information.
If I lose my seed phrase, can Moon wallet help me recover my wallet?
No, we don't keep your information, so we can't help you recover your wallet if you lose your seed phrase. Therefore, back them up carefully.
Moon wallet supports cryptocurrencies on which blockchains?
Currently we are supporting cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin, ethereum, binance smartchain, tron, stellar, kardiachain, pi network testnet. We also have plans to add another 20 chains in the near future.

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